About Me

About Me


I was born in Israel.

Having started with drawing/painting and artistic technique. My theoretical studies comes from professional teachers, the practical experience based on trail and error until reaching desired level of Achievement.

Goals become familiar with the "Old Masters" who pioneered realistic painting as well as additional streams of art and techniques, which evolved throughout the years and continue to develop until today.

Drawing/painting method that exited me in particular was the Oil's, Acrylic's and "EggTempera"+Oil's, an ancient and unique technique.

I become familiar with EggTempera technique thanks to Rivka Golan Master of art of the Viennese Academy.

Over the time, it becomes obvious that the world of colour, colour behaviour, quality, and other aspects of this extensive field were of paramount importance and required investigative learning.

It was also necessary to learn all about paints, their uniqueness and the "secrets" of their behaviour under certain conditions. A new fascinating learning process was theory of pigments, their toxic level and behaviour in certain conditions and different climates. Today’s paints are composed differently from those in the past, making it necessary to become familiar with their present chemical composition.